My Favorite Hacks for Thieves Household Cleaner

Written by
Kathleen Gutierrez
on November 25, 2018

There are SO many uses for Thieves Household Cleaner  but I wanted to share a few of my most favorite with you.  First, you are probably asking…what is Thieves Household Cleaner?


This household cleaner is formulated with the power of Young Living’s Thieves oil blend so you can get a deep clean without dangerous or synthetic ingredients. There is no chemical scent, only the lovely sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon, clove, lemon, and rosemary.

Thieves blend was created based on the Legend of the Four Thieves where the thieves shared their use of specific botanicals for a more lenient sentencing. This was after being caught stealing from the dead and dying during the time of the Bubonic Plague. With these botanicals, they never caught the incredibly contagious plague despite continued exposure!! These botanicals were…cinnamon, clove, lemon, and rosemary! Now a large part of the Thieves oil, cleaners, and other household products.

Formulated with only plant and mineral based ingredients, this cleaner is fully biodegradable and in compliance with EPA standards. It can be used on any surface in your home for dusting, spot cleaning, scrubbing, or other cleaning needs. It comes highly concentrated and most uses only require 1-2 capfuls of the cleaner.


There are so many ways to use it just by diluting it with water in a spray bottle but here are a few of my most favorite hacks.  Make sure to check out these and all the other incredible items on sale for Cyber Monday!

  1. Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder are a powerhouse duo for getting off dirty grime or stubborn stains.  Perfect for the oven, toaster oven or toilet!  Check out my before and after’s below.  Just sprinkle the Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder on the area and spray with Thieves Household Cleaner.  Let sit for 15-30 minutes and scrub with a sponge.  You will be amazed! Both are on sale today for 20% off!

2. Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Dish Soap combined in a scrubbing brush. The best scrubber can be purchased on amazon:

 2 T thieves dish soap

 3 caps of thieves cleaner





3. Thieves Household Cleaner as a wrinkle release spray!  Just put one cap of cleaner in a 32 oz bottle and fill with water.  Hang the item on a hanger and spray lightly on wrinkles.  Shake the fabric gently and voila…wrinkles gone!  Watch this video for a live demonstration!

What are your favorite uses for Thieves Household Cleaner?

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Written By
Kathleen Gutierrez

I have been so blessed by using Young Living essential oils…not just because my family now has a natural way to support our bodies or because sharing about the oils is helping my family financially but because I have met so many amazing people and formed so many new friendships. I truly love, love, love the PEOPLE part of the Better Living Community!! I have a heart for helping you see all the amazing benefits of using Young Living products too! Learn how to get started here.

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