Animal Scents – Mendwell – 15ml
Animal Scents – Mendwell – 15ml
Retail: $24.01 USD
Wholesale: $18.25 USD
Stock Number: #5269
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Animal Scents – Mendwell – 15ml

Retail: $24.01 USD
Wholesale: $18.25 USD
Stock Number: #5269
Animal Scents – Mendwell – 15ml can be ingested
Animal Scents – Mendwell – 15ml can be used topically
Animal Scents – Mendwell – 15ml can be inhaled
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When your furry best friend has a scrape or scratch or has been out on a long outdoor adventure, reach for Mendwell™ to soothe and moisturize their sensitive, distressed skin. This proprietary blend aids in healing minor scrapes and scratches and has a pleasingly natural, earthy aroma.

A portion of all proceeds from Animal Scents products goes to support Vital Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and other wide-roaming wildlife.

Mendwell Product Information Page

Product Snapshot

  • Soothes and moisturizes dry, sensitive, and distressed skin
  • Contains powerful essential oils that support your pet’s natural healing process
  • Helps improve the appearance of a healthy-looking coat and skin
  • Creates an uplifting aromatic environment
  • Formulated with you, your pet, and the environment in mind
  • Geranium essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Hyssop essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • PuriClean™ essential oil blend
  • Infect Away™ essential oil blend
  • T-Away™ essential oil blend
  • Animal Scents® Ointment
Key constituents


Ingredients Caprylic/capric glycerides Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) flower oil Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender oil) Hyssopus officinalis. (Hyssop) leaf oil Commiphora Myrrah (Myrrh) oil Boswelia carteril (Frankincense) oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses

  • Apply 1-2 drops topically.
  • Use an AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment to conveniently apply a generous amount.
  • Carefully apply according to the size and species of animal.
EXPERIENCE When your animal has the occasional minor scrape or abrasion, Mendwell helps support normal, healthy healing. LABEL DIRECTIONS Carefully apply according to the size and species of the animal. Additional dilution is recommended for smaller species.
STORAGE Keep in a cool, dark place. CAUTIONS:Take extra care when using any essential oils, especially those with citric ingredients, around cats. Specifically formulated for veterinary use. Keep out of reach of children.
Get to Know

Get to Know

PRODUCT BACKGROUND Despite our best efforts, somehow our furry friends are always getting into mischief. When their latest outdoor adventure gets a little too rambunctious, Mendwell is there to help them recover. While Mendwell can be used on its own, this essential oil blend was initially developed as the third step in a three-part wellness system for your animal. First, apply PuriClean to their scrape to cleanse the skin. Second, apply Infect Away to help support your pet’s natural defense system. Finally, use Mendwell to support your pet’s natural healing process.

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