The Opportunity: Young Living

Welcome!  You may or may not be satisfied with your current situation and this may or may not be for you but if you are interested in supplementing or replacing your income with a Young Living business, please watch the video below and then schedule a consultation with one of our leaders.

This four-minute video will only take a few, short moments of your time. But, what if it changed your life?  Be sure to let the Better Living team member who told you about this video know what you thought!


You have a choice!

So, what is that going to be?

#1  You think the products sound great but you don’t think the opportunity is for you?  No problem!  We know you are going to love the products and we would love to have you as a client.  You can order your Premium Starter Kit here.  There will NEVER be any obligation to sell!

#2 You know you will love the products and you would love the opportunity for some extra income but you have a few questions?  Great, because we have some answers.

#3  You’re all in?!?!  You are ready to partner with us on a journey for wellness, purpose AND ABUNDANCE!  You can learn more about our Business Success Bundle here and schedule a consultation with one of our leaders below.


    "Prior to getting started with Young Living, I was a stressed out wife and mom to four working full time and living paycheck to paycheck. That was over two years ago and I can honestly say that our family is healthier, happier and has a brighter financial future. We have been incredibly blessed by using essential oils and I love being able to pass that blessing onto others. We are now in the top 12% of the company and we look forward to the day that we can work Young Living full time. We know that with the support and training we have as part of the Better Living community, there are no limits to what we can achieve."

    ~ Kathleen Gutierrez, Executive

    YL #1522219