Welcome! We are SO excited you’re serious about developing YOU and your business!! Our goal with this simplified process is to empower each of you to grow your home business (however you want to!) while also focusing your time on the things that mean the most to you, while still living a life of wellness, purpose and abundance!


Only the first item is REQUIRED…the rest is up to you! Other Young Living colleagues are here to support you in this pipeline. Feel free to use all, or any part of this system, to create a simple system that you can easily duplicate with those you personally enroll.


The recommended training by Dani Johnson is VERY different from anything else you might have previously attended (including our own trainings). Significant investments have been made in our businesses over the years, and we truly believe that the value found in these products from Smarter Networker are second to none! We have sorted through all the choices and will refer you to the trainings that have been most beneficial for us. And this is coming from folks just starting out all the way up to Diamond!  
The person who referred you to this system believes in you and knows you can be successful with Young Living, and every area of your life, if you take the time to invest in yourself.  

Check out these testimonies on the training we are recommending:

Lindsey Gremont (Royal Crown Diamond)



You can download a complete list of all activities here. These are just the ones we recommend to help start you on the pipeline for success. It is up to YOU to take the leap and work your business.

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Some more great information for one of our own leaders, Callie Shepherd (Crown Diamond):


Contact your upline leader to schedule mentoring sessions as you work through these and want help or support or just contact one of our leaders using the form below and they will get you in touch with your closest upline that can support you.


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