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El Paso, TX
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A long time educator with a heart for teachers, parents and students.

For months I felt completely overwhelmed by daily tasks and I lacked my normal energy and enthusiasm. Even after retiring from a thirty year career in education, getting to bed at a consistent time, and decreasing my time on electronics, I still was not feeling rested. Life was exhausting every day.

Then some of my former co-workers introduced me to a product they were trying. I had never even considered trying anything like it before because, to be completely honest, I really wasn’t in to natural remedies. I was skeptical, but this seemed like it had possibilities. So I gave it a try.

Now I feel completely different! I wake up in the morning truly rested and ready to take on the day. I no longer have to “fake my energy” or pretend I’m enthusiastic. I feel like me again!

I have learned so much about ways to support my body. I’m on a mission to empower others to learn how they can accomplish this too with knowledge and resources that I’ve worked hard to gain myself.

Come join our group of energetic women and learn how you can regain your “zest” for life with the knowledge and resources we share in our exclusive community.

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Before I was introduced to essential oils I was finding more and more nights where I simply was not getting a restful night. I either tossed and turned not being able to fall asleep or I woke up in the middle of the night and then couldn't go back to sleep. One of the first oils I used was lavender. Its relaxing scent now helps support a healthy, restful night of sleep for me. My nightly routine includes rubbing a drop of lavender on the bottom of each foot and
wiping any residual oil on my hands across my pillow case.

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