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I started learning about oils and using the oils in my everyday life in March of 2015. and immediately started sharing with family and friends as I started seeing the benefits that the oils were bringing to me. We now have oils in every room of the house. Finding a favorite is hard but if I had to choose, I would say Cedarwood, Lavender, Citrus Fresh and Grapefruit are must for me as I use them every day. I diffuse Cedarwood and Lavender every night to help me have a restful sleep. I also drink 1.9 liters of water every day with a couple of drops of Citrus Fresh and Grapefruit not only does my water taste great but my digestive system is loving it.

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I am excited to bring oils to my family, friends and local community so that they can too enjoy the benefits! I love my family and friends and being able to share with them the awesome Young Living essential oils and other products.

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