Top 5 Reasons to Drink Red!

Written by
Carlene Cephus
on June 9, 2020

One of the things that many of us cope with is dealing with daily stress levels. Stress takes a toll on our over all health and well being. It’s important we eat right and give our body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. But it needs to be simple and easy! When you find something you love you share it, right? One of the top Young Living supplements is NingXia Red. So today I’m going to share my top 5 reasons for never missing my daily dose!


NingXia Red is part of my daily morning routine because it nutrient rich. There is no mixing or blending, just open a bottle and pour two ounces for my daily dose. It’s great to start my day knowing I drank something good for my overall health. This powerhouse drink is made from the wolfberry grown in the NingXia Province of China. NingXia Red combines the extraordinary wolfberry superfruit with pure orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils along with blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices to deliver a whole-body nutrient infusion. Be sure you check out one of my favorite recipes at the end of the article.


Having something quick and easy to drink in the morning that helps me maintain a healthy energy level throughout the day is so important. The wolfberry, sometimes called the Goji berry is extremely nutritious with loads of vitamins and minerals and important antioxidants. These berries are a a real little powerhouse when it comes to mental and physical energy. NingXia Red is a great source for B vitamins which are well known for their energy production in the cells which is why it’s perfect for starting my day!


Ongoing stress makes us susceptible to illness and disease because the brain sends defense signals to the endocrine system, which then releases an array of hormones that not only gets us ready for emergency situations but severely depresses our immunity at the same time. Some experts claim that stress is responsible for as much as 90% of all illnesses and diseases. In addition to the blueberry juice, four essential oils, tangerine, orange, lemon and Yuzu, are combined in NingXia Red. All of these ingredients are excellent support for our immune system. The four essential oils are high in d-limonene known for its immune supporting properties.


Goji berries are nicknamed “happy berries” because they have significant amounts of the amino acid Tyrosine, which is needed for synthesis of dopamine. Dopamine is a transmitter that regulates how you perceive and experience pleasure. Wolfberries also have the highest concentration of vitamin B1 (thiamine) of any food source and have been shown to help stabilize mood, improve memory and cognition and contribute to healthy sleep patterns.


Enough said. Why would I not want to drink something that tastes so delicious? The fact that it is full of nutrients is a nice little bonus!


After years of struggling with diabetes, I opted for gastric surgery. For 6 yrs, my health improved with the exception of my vitamin levels. I tried various otc vitamins and drinks but my bloodwork never improved.
I started Ningxia Red over a year ago and what a difference!! Not only did my vitamin levels improve, so did my A1c. I thought I had plateaued with my weight after 6 yrs but LOST weight with the daily shot of NR. It may be an extra expense but worth it when taking care of myself. —-Isabelle Oaxaca

I notice a difference in my mood when I drink my Ningxia Red. It makes me feel happy and I just love the flavor. I like to add a drop of vitality black pepper essential oil to spice it up! —-Melissa Matthews

Ningxia Red gets my day off to such a great start! It gives me that energy boost I need to get stuff done. —-Marlene Otto

Enjoy this delicious option for a quick breakfast or a snack anytime of the day!
Written By
Carlene Cephus

For months I felt completely overwhelmed by daily tasks and I lacked my normal energy and enthusiasm.  Even after retiring from a thirty year career in education, getting to bed at a consistent time, and decreasing my time on electronics, I still was not feeling rested.  Life was exhausting every day.

Then some of my former co-workers introduced me to a product they were trying.  I had never even considered trying anything like it before because, to be completely honest, I really wasn’t in to natural remedies.  I was skeptical, but this seemed like it had possibilities.  So I gave it a try.

Now I feel completely different!  I wake up in the morning truly rested and ready to take on the day.  I no longer have to “fake my energy” or pretend I’m enthusiastic.  I feel like me again!

I have learned so much about ways to support my body.  I’m on a mission to empower others to learn how they can accomplish this too with knowledge and resources that I’ve worked hard to gain myself.

Come join our group of energetic women and learn how you can regain your “zest” for life with the knowledge and resources we share in our exclusive community.

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