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on August 22, 2016

Originally posted on January 28th, 2016


Y’all, I finally did it!

I ordered the Aroma Lux Diffuser and Aroma Dome combo kit!!

I have had plans to purchase the Aroma Lux since it debuted at Convention 2014!! But like many of you I’m sure, this wish list item kept getting put off to buy replacement supplements and home care for the kids, or a extra home diffuser for Ashton to have up at school in Dallas. Or extra bottles of Thieves, just in case. Or our beloved Valor, P&C or Deep Relief whenever they were back in stock.

But after facing some health concerns that really could have benefited from extra support and also wanting to address some emotional processing more head on, I decided that NOW was the time to make my big purchase and claim one of these beauties for myself!

The Aroma Lux diffuser was designed by Gary Young and released to celebrate Young Living’s 20th Anniversary. Like the ThermaPro Diffuser, the Aroma Lux is a Atomizer, meaning that dispenses a small mist  straight essential oils directly from the bottle. It does not use water like our other ultrasonic diffusers. Instead you can screw in a 5ml or 15 ml bottle to the Atomizer top to diffuse a higher concentration of our amazing oils! This diffuser also has settings which allow you to chose the amount of mist, total diffusing time (between 1 and 10 hours) and create an interval setting! You can also choose from 6 different light settings! AND AND AND, this diffuser is one of only two that allow you to use in a room up to 700 sq ft! That is more than even the Home, Rainstone or Aria Diffusers!!


The Aroma Lux/Aroma Dome kit is available for $191.00 wholesale. They are also both offered individually.


But what I think REALLY makes this diffuser special is that it was designed to incorporate the Aroma Dome! What. In. The. World. is an Aroma Dome?! I’m so glad you asked because I thought it was a little strange at first too!

And lets talk about managing stress or even providing emotional support. Did you know that inhaling Idaho Balsam Fir can help decrease Cortisol (stress hormone) by 30-40%?! So what if you are overwhelmed by stress, feeling run down and could really benefit from 15-20 min of quiet, concentrated time to relax and also provide your body (remember those hormones effect, EVERYTHING!) some much needed relief and support! Bring on the IBF or even Stress Away!The Aroma Dome is a special tent that you lay in covering your head, shoulders and torso while a special hose connected to the Aroma Lux Diffuser dispenses those amazing essential oils into the tent. Why would that benefit you?! Well, think about how our oils support wellness and help optimize the function of our bodies. Wouldn’t some extra, concentrated support be AMAZING at times? What about when you are needing some extra immune or respiratory support?! Hello Thieves or RC, to pack a helpful punch!

And as far as emotional support, when we inhale oils it stimulates the limbic system of the brain and affects the amygdala in the brain where our emotions and experiences are stored. Did you know that the amygdala can ONLY be stimulated through our sense of smell?! SO if we are needing help or support with emotional processing, we can use our amazing oils like Joy, Release, Harmony, Cypress, Frankincense, Forgiveness, etc in the aroma dome to bring on amazing results! You can even promote a heathy sleep pattern by spending a few minutes before bed in the Aroma Dome to relax, unwind and prepare your body for sleep! This may be a great thing for those who have a hard time “turning their minds off”! 🙂


Here is someone using the Aroma Dome before a massage therapy session. You can the Aroma Dome on any flat surface including a bed or even the floor!

So far we have used the Aroma Dome twice since it arrived yesterday! I used it to unwind after a stressful few days up with a fussy, difficult to console toddler. And my toddler and I spent time together in the Dome with our favorite Thieves to help support his immune system. He thought we were camping on his floor and LOVED it! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what other ways we find to use our Aroma Lux and Aroma Dome! The possibilities and benefits really seem endless!

What is your favorite diffuser?! What is your favorite oil or “recipe” to diffuse?!

If you are wanting to learn more about all the diffusers offered by YL and what they have to offer you should tune into our OG sponsored Diffuser Tips & Tricks Class being taught by Shannon Carroll tomorrow night (1/29) on Facebook! Let me know if you want an invite! You can even RSVP and go through the class at your own pace at a later time! Its going to be a GREAT one you will not want to miss! 🙂

Happy Oiling and Diffusing Friends!


More info on the Aroma Lux from the YL Blog: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/introducing-the-new-aromalux-atomizing-diffuser/

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