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on April 7, 2016

Have you tried Young Living’s 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse yet?!?  No, why not?  I’ll tell you that I wanted to do it for YEARS and I was SO scared.  A friend wanted to jump start a new diet so I decided to take the plunge with her.  And guess what?!?  I LOVED IT!  I had dreaded it but I felt SO good and really wasn’t very hungry at all!  Do you want more energy?  Would you like to hit a reset button with your diet and reduce cravings?  Just do it!

So, what do you need?12717996_10209486607308543_2004010984493477818_n

  1. NingXia Red – 15 packets or 2 bottles
  2. Digest & Cleanse supplement
  3. Balance Complete, Power Meal or Pure Protein Complete shakes

You can purchase the cleanse as a kit with Balance Complete (5 Day Nutritive Cleanse) or individually.  Now is actually the perfect time to commit to the cleanse because the Young Living promo for 250PV in April is free Digest & Cleanse!  All you would need to buy is your NingXia Red and meal replacement shake!  Such an amazing deal!

The plan consists of one Digest & Cleanse capsule, 2 oz NingXia Red and one meal replacement shake three times a day with various snacks in between.  You will receive the plan if you buy the kit or you can view a summary here.

What does it take to be successful with the cleanse?

Planning and preparation!!  Have all your snacks ready to go and be in the mindset that you WILL be successful (because you will be)!!

How can you expect to feel?

Day 1: You may experience mild discomfort, headaches, or a craving for certain foods. The meal replacement shake will help alleviate hunger. Give it a few minutes to get into the system. Because of the extra fiber, you may have minor gas. If desired, add one Essentialzyme. {I did have some headaches on this day and some nausea at night.  I opted to just go to bed early!}

Day Capture22: Your experience depends on the level of body toxicity. High toxicity = more cleansing symptoms listed in day one; mild toxicity = symptoms subside, and you begin to feel an increase in energy. If gas or bloating causes discomfort, add Essentialzyme to your program. {I still had some headaches but nothing too bad.  I was excited that I didn’t really have any cravings and I was enjoying the shakes.}

Day 3: Toxic symptoms subside. You begin to feel more energetic, and your body is adjusting to the extra fiber and water. You may still have food cravings, but they are much milder. {I had no problems making it through day 3 and realized I was more than half way done!}

Day 4: Your body feels the cleansing benefits. Your energy level is increasing. Your food cravings are gone. You realize the negative effect that poor food choices have on your health. Your body is adjusted to the fiber.  {I stayed up pretty late on Day 4 and I was SO hungry!  I went ahead and ate an extra serving of almonds.}

Day 5: Your food cravings are gone; you are ready to continue putting good food into your cleansed body. You feel great and look forward to your next cleanse. {DONE!  WHOOP!}

I felt AMAZING when I was done and even though I could eat whatever I wanted the next morning, I chose to have a shake instead of my usual coffee.  Y’all…this was HUGE for me.  I’m typically drink 3 cups of coffee but I just didn’t even like the taste anymore!!!!Capture

Kathleen’s Tips for Success

  • Order all the items you need from Young Living on your Essential Rewards order to earn 10-20% back in points and qualify for reduced shipping!
  • Again, be prepared.  Have your snacks bought and ready to go.
  • Have your citrus oils ready for drinking in your water to help with cravings and to give you some variety.  My favorite is Citrus Fresh or Slique Essence.
  • Make your meal replacement shake in a blender with ice…I used the chocolate Pure Protein complete and it was SO good this way.  Kind of like a chocolate shake.
  • Find a friend to do the cleanse with you for accountability…then when you have those moments where you think you can’t do it, you know where to go for encouragement!
  • Last but most importantly, have a plan in place for what you are going to do AFTER the cleanse (ex. continue with one meal replacement shake a day and NingXia Red or have Slique products on hand or have meal plans ready to go with healthy recipes).  I will admit that this is where I did not do well.  I wanted to eat healthy meals and avoid sugar but I didn’t plan well and went for convenience more times than I would have liked!



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